Health & Safety for corporate events at The Park, House of Events On 7, Hyde Park

We take our guests’ well-being very seriously. 

The Park on 7 prides itself in offering not only a beautiful venue for your event, but one of the few boutique venues in the city that is safe and compliant with all the requirements of the Joint Operations Committee (JOC) that governs the Health & Safety Act in Johannesburg. The Park on 7 are able to take all this stress away from you as we do it in-house to assist and save you money.  It isn’t as daunting as it seems once you understand why it is imperative to your event.


Which departments in the City of Joburg are involved in JOC? 
JOC comprises of many different municipal entities but only the following are relevant to The Park on 7 and its clients –i.e. The Emergency Management Services & Fire Safety, Disaster Management, Environmental Health, SAPS, Waste Management and COJ Event Management.
What are the requirements of the Joint Operations Committee when it comes to an event?
The Park on 7 will compiling this file for you, and all we will need from you is the following:
  • Overview of the event & copy of the invitation
  • Floor plans
  • A running order for the event.
  • List of VIP’s attending the event
  • Your Public Liability (Insurance for the Event)
The Park takes care of the rest for you:
  • Security plan, Parking plan & Medical plan as well as booking all of these services for the event
  • Disaster management and evacuation plan for guest control
  • Fire Safety (Application form)
  • Environmental Health (COA for caterer and noise control applications)
  • SAPS and ward councilor confirmation letters
  • 6 x Hardcopies (files) of your operational plans
  • Proof from SARS (certificate)
  • Venue Public Liability
Why do we have to comply with these requirements?
This ensures that all events held in Joburg are safe and lawful. The requirements limit everyone’s liability and there are many case studies to draw examples from:
If someone has a heart attack at an event, every minute counts. We would rather be prepared and have life support medics there in seconds. This will ensure you are covered from any liabilities.
Accidents happen unfortunately and we have to always plan for these eventualities.
If a candle falls over and your draping catches fire, we have to prove there is a fire retardation certificate issued in the H & S file from the supplier.
The venue has to be set up as per the approved floor plans and we must ensure that all emergency exits are clear. This will cover and protect you against any legal enquires.
Caterers have to present a certificate of acceptability and it has to be on file too.  Should the guests get food poisoning, this will ensure that you as the organiser is covered.
On events where there are rigged structures and large staging elements, if a high truss falls overs during set up or during the event and someone is severely injured, all the COC’s issued by the structural engineer will have to be presented immediately from your H & S file.
These are all a few administrative logistics that we plan for ensuring we cover you, the venue, your corporate client and sub contractors.  We always just have to prove that we did everything we could to mitigate charges of negligence.
Anyone holding an event has to comply with the By-Laws and Regulations of the City, as well as per the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act no. 2 of 2010, (“the Act�). The Act states that it is a legal requirement for all events to have Event Plans submitted by the Event Organisers to the National Commissioner of SAPS, a month before the event, for Risk Grading purposes no matter which venue you choose to work in.
What should we as clients be aware of on site to ensure our set up, event and breakdown is compliant?
There are many factors to watch out for on site during set up to breakdown, but it becomes second nature the more you are aware of it. Below are just a few elements to consider on site:
  • Clear walk ways – no trip factors from boxes to cables
  • Working at height certificates presented by crew
  • Crews hard hats when constructing sets & technical
  • Visible emergency exit signs from any angle of the room
  • Best position for the medics to be positioned
  • House keeping with H & S notes presented to MC
  • Security briefing and placing of specialists
  • Fire extinguishes visible and serviced
  • Sufficient light back stage for artists & speakers
  • COC certificates from the structural
  • Wet floor signs when cleaning areas
  • List of emergency numbers at hand
  • Fire retardant certificates for draping
  • White tape on staging edges & steps
But what if we are on a tight budget?
Health & Safety (H & S) is a legal requirement- you don’t want to cut back on this. It should be a priority and a part of the concept from inception. Your whole team has to be educated on the requirements from the creative director, designers, event managers, supporting team to every supplier.  There is a reason for this: dreadful things can happen and you don’t want it to be your event that is publicized. It is an enormous responsibility to hold an event with all those guests in your care and there can be no shortcuts. Don’t make a mistake by putting the frills before your guest’s safety. The client has to choose the company that has the reputation of implementing the right plans.
What about insurance and public liability?
Clients are more likely to appoint a company which demonstrates due diligence around risk management over a company that has no insurance cover. The event has an impact on the client’s reputation because a disaster at an event could be the end of the event organiser’s business.  Insurance is crucial to the sustainability of a company that cannot withstand large financial losses if not covered by an insurance policy.
“Having regard to the a foregoing, both The Park and the client must be prudent and insure that they both have the necessary public liability insurance in place. The responsibility for any liability in respect of any claim could only be determined after the death, injury or damage has occurred. Depending on who is liable, such claim will have to be paid out by the appropriate insurance company, be it that of the Park or the client.� Len Nowitz, Nowitz Attorneys.
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Whether you’re Celebrating an Engagement, Commemorating a Birthday, Launching a New Product, or Awarding Excellence there is no better venue.


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As a blank canvas that allows our clients creative freedom to create their perfect event, we do however only allow our vetted and approved suppliers into the venue.  There is an extensive list of suppliers to choose from and whom are the best of the best in the industry.  Please see the list of suppliers below: